How to use HandyFlowy, amazing exclusive client app for WorkFlowy!

Thank you for visiting my blog post. I’m Rin (@rin_wan), a member of developing team of HandyFlowy and MemoFlowy app From japan.

Have you ever read WorkFlowy blog post regarding HandyFlowy
written by Frank Degenaar,author of the book? The app has been developing by Michinari Yamamoto and our team!!! On this blog post, I’ll introduce how to use HandyFlowly for beginner 🙂


Do you have any flustration on editing WorkFlowy only when you using WorkFlowy?You don’t need to wait opening your PC anymore!!

With this HandyFlowy app, you can use WorkFlowy with your mobile device (note:for now only iOS) whenever and wherever you love to!!

カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, ユーティリティ

Here is a quoto From app store!

HandyFlowy is a complete replacement for the WorkFlowy app on iPhone and iPad. It powers up your editing, navigating and searching in a big way, bringing virtually all of WorkFlowy’s feature-rich desktop goodness to iOS… and much more!


You can use HandyFlowy for free with ads and limited features.
If you love this app, you can remove ads and use full features from Settings > Add-ons > Remove Ads

*You can go to HandyFlowy app’s Settings from upper right menu button.

Settings button

remove ads

How to change theme color

With HandyFlowy app, you can change theme color as you like.

From Settings > Toolbar Color

theme color

By default, HandyFlowy’s theme color is orange. If you change it to white, you can set HandyFlowy alike WorkFlowy a bit!

How to use scrolling toolbars

HandyFlowy has scrolling toolbars that is make you easy to edit WorkFlowy topics.

For examples:
・delete/duplicate topics
・move topics
・indent/outdent topics

scrol toolbar

You can search hidden button by swipe left and right. If you want to custmize buttom orders and display, you need Add-ons.

How to use view/edit mode

Have you ever experience move topic wrong postion by scrolling up and down WorkFlowy mobile app display? No worry for miss operation!

HandyFlowy has View-mode for read only mode.

You can change View and Edit mode by tapping padlock icon.

view and edit mode

With View-mode, you can’t touch green area. So you’ll never done miss operation by scrolling up and down.

tap limited area

But you can open and close topic by tapping right side + and – button. Thus you need change mode to tap link while reading with view-mode.

More Features

There are more features with HandyFlowy!! I’ll introduce next time 🙂

If you have any question regarding HandyFlowy, please tweet with #HandyFlowy tag on twitter. Our team member will answer your question!

I wish you love our amazing app <3